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Promoting Creativity in the Workplace

Even though managers put a lot of emphasis on ensuring everyone is focused and getting the job done properly, it’s important they encourage creativity and innovation within the workplace.

Employees are not just good at one specific task.  They can also come up with ways to improve their job (or a product or service).  There are many creative ways to help companies, but management needs to encourage this to happen.

Here are some tips to help give employees a little creativity within a business:

– Look at all the procedures that are in place, and if any of them are not serving a significant benefit that can be measured, then eliminate them.

– Consider rewarding the creativity of all employees.  Do this publicly so others can see that it’s appreciated and recognized within the company.

– Give employees some time to be creative.  Let someone spend up to 20% of their work day testing out a way they might improve a specific task.  It may benefit the company in the long run.

– Encourage teamwork to help employees bounce ideas off of each other.  It can help them work out potential problems or spot new ones.  It can also help overall team morale and improve company culture.

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