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Engaging the Room

The opportunity to present to an audience as an expert in your field is invaluable. It can come in many formats – from as simple as a one-minute commercial at a networking event or as empowering as an auditorium with hundreds of people. Regardless of the venue or the size of the audience, there is a desire to command the room and connect with the audience to get your message heard and establish your credibility.

In the book, The Exceptional Presenter by Timothy Koegel, he passes on many ways to improve your presentation skills. The one that I find seems to make the most difference, regardless of the format or the audience, is the skill of storytelling. Storytelling can include examples, anecdotes, client successes, or a hurdle that you have had to overcome.

By telling a story you can bring a presentation to life. When done well and with some time invested, it can make the information you are sharing more relevant to the listener. The stories, anecdotes, or examples that you share can elicit a range of emotions and reactions from your audience. When you deliver a great story, you can encourage the audience to paint a picture in their own mind that they can relate to.

Most exceptional presenters have elevated their storytelling ability to an art or a performance. They use stories to engage and stimulate the listener’s minds and make room for their message – use at the beginning, middle, or end.

YOUR CHALLENGE: The next time you are standing in front of an audience of one, ten, or one hundred, try recording yourself. Then have the guts to watch and listen to yourself perform. It is invaluable for learning.


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