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How significant is YOUR problem?

Problem - Opportunity

Here is something to ponder…

The sun is so large that, if it were hollow, it could contain more than one million worlds the size of our earth. There are stars in space so large that they could easily hold 500 million suns the size of ours. There are about 100 billion stars in the average galaxy.  When I hear numbers like 100 billion, I have no comprehension.  If you can follow me, this may give you some idea.  If we counted to 250 every minute—day and night—it would take us about 1,000 years to count to 100 billion. That’s how many stars are in an average galaxy.  And there are at least 100 million galaxies in the known universe.  That is 10 times as many stars as there are grains of sand on all the world’s beaches and deserts put together.  These are only the stars we can see with the Hubble telescope.

So, taking all this information into consideration, tell me…how significant is YOUR problem?  It is all context and all relative.  Would you like to have a shift of thought and perspective?  Then let’s have a conversation.  Your problems will change to opportunities. Significance changes with a change of perspective, as do outcomes.

Remember this…great coaching conversations shift perspective and therefore can significantly change your results.    Let’s talk!!

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YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK:   Chat with another professional and exchange problems?  How significant is YOUR problem?  How significant is THEIRS?

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