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Reflection and Correction

People usually think of the new year as a new beginning. Business owners consider it to be a time of reflection and correction. They spend December reflecting on what didn’t work for their business and then they create a new plan to try to correct things for the new year.

2017 is right around the corner.  It’s almost December, so it’s time to start figuring out what needs to be reconfigured before January rolls around.  Here are some suggestions to start with…

  1. Update your social media profiles…
    Make sure your photos are relevant to what your business will be working on for the new year.  Update any logos and publish content explaining your plans or changes for 2017.
  2. Commit to a schedule…
    Stay focused in 2017 using a schedule.  Select days where you will work on social media and strategically market to your audience.  Create a task list that is easily accessible and can be edited in seconds.  Start the year with productive habits!
  3. Set action-oriented goals…
    Goals setting needs to be implemented early in the new year.  Set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.  Don’t make resolutions, set realistic goals. They will help you move forward in a productive manner.
  4. Leave your doubts behind…
    Don’t worry about what “could have been” for 2016 and think about “what could be” for 2017.  Next year could be the best year ever for your business.  Each year is only as great as you make it.  Focus on the coming year with positive thoughts and actionable goals.

While many business owners become overwhelmed and anxious this time of year, consider these 4 suggestions to help start preparing yourself for 2017.  Learn to create value in yourself and your business.  Focus on what “could happen” and start the new year with confidence.

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Start preparing for 2017 with a list of goals just for January.  Start small and work your way into the new year with ease.

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