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Customer Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, including your customers. There are ways to prove your appreciation and to make them feel good about your business.  Here are some tips on how to make your customers feel valued.

  • Anyone within your company who regularly interacts with certain customers, they should remember them by their name. If it’s over the phone or in person, the small gesture of speaking to a customer and using their name every time will tell them that you value them.
  • Invite your regular customers to special events.  Show them that you appreciate their business.  Invite them to an after-hours sale or give them a special discount on items they regularly purchase.
  • Support your customers by telling others about their business (if they have one). Refer your customers to them.  They may reciprocate and refer some of their customers to you.
  • Always keep and deliver on your promises to your customers.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Don’t back out at the last minute or forget that you made a promise in the first place.  You want them to feel valued and special. Make that extra effort to go that extra mile.
  • Ask your customers for their feedback.  Ask them for suggestions and ideas.  They love your business and probably want to help you continue to succeed.  And, asking them for help makes them feel valued and special.  Everyone likes that.

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