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Quick Customer Service Tips

Want to learn how to beat your competition and grow your bottom line? Through delivering a world class customer experience.  Here are some quick customer service tips that every business owner should carve out time to work on:

  1. Respond to your customers.  Don’t just listen, but respond to what they have to say, every time.
  2. Listen to Social Media. The feedback is crucial, so listen and take the time to respond authentically.
  3. Let multiple employees be part of a conversation.  Allow more than one person to work on a customer’s issue, to show the customer they are really important.
  4. Promote teamwork within the company.  This is extremely important when things go wrong, so work together to make things happen.
  5. Give employees freedom.  Giving your staff freedom to provide great customer service is very gratifying for them, and they’ll actually do it too.
  6. Embrace negative feedback.  Turn the negatives into a positive whenever you can.

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