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Effective Change Leadership

Often change in leadership is necessary for business growth. But, it’s hard to get employees on board.  Employee resistance and lack of engagement sometimes deter new directions for businesses.

Management is about control and maintenance.  Change leadership is about empowering people.  It’s important to help employees realize that changes in leadership can be a positive thing.

Here are a few tips for effective change leadership:

  1. Communicate Properly:  Make sure all employees know, in advance, what is changing.  Perhaps adopt a more efficient communication system to accomplish this.
  2. Answer Questions:  Employees want to know what is changing, how these changes are going to occur, and what’s in it for them.  Make sure you present the company’s vision when answering these questions.
  3. Don’t Avoid the Unknown:  It’s alright to step outside your comfort zone. Encourage your employees to embrace change. Teach them not to avoid the unknown.
  4. Be Committed:  Build trust in your employees and be committed to the changes. They won’t commit unless you do.  They need to trust that you can (and will) change before they feel comfortable to do it themselves.

Create a strong and more collaborate culture.  Change is good when everyone is on board. It can turn into success if managed effectively.

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