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Creating a Positive Work Environment

It’s important to make sure your entire team feels encouraged, accepted, and happy. When they experience a positive work environment, they become more motivated and perform better. Take time to create a workplace that results in dedicated performances by your employees.

Nurture your team using these tips:

  1.  Ask your team members what their immediate goals are.  Find out their project interests as well as their career objectives.
  2. Communicate “in person” not through email or text messages. People respond well to the real thing.
  3. Give their work a sense of purpose.  Show your appreciation by complimenting your team members.  Or simply say “thank you” for a job completed.
  4. Don’t always stick to protocol.  Listen to what your team members have to say. Take their ideas seriously, as they may view a more productively way to carry out a project.
  5. When delegating, trust your team members.  Let go and let them own the task you give them.  Letting them make decisions also communicates trust.
  6. Allow time for fun. Have some laughs over topics that have nothing to do with work.
  7.  A well-connected team often results in respect and acceptance. Collaboration helps everyone work toward the same goals.

Remember, everyone plays an important role in making sure the workplace environment is positive.

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